Skylark Consulting Group

Market Analysis and Traffic Forecasting

Market Analysis and Traffic Forecasting

market analysis and traffic forecasting

Skylark has extensive expertise in creating air passenger profiles and estimating passenger demand and travel preferences. A sophisticated database and our empirically-based data analysis provide accurate and in depth information on passenger volumes, travel patterns, and demographic profiles.

 Demand Drivers

  • Historical traffic profile, including passenger characteristics (business/leisure, inbound/outbound, etc.).
  • Historical and projected economic performance at a national and regional level.
  • Local and regional political factors that are likely to affect tourism and traffic flows.

Supply Drivers

  • Profile of key airlines, identifying risk factors and development plans.
  • Competition with other airports and regions as well as modal competition.
  • Airport capacity constraints, planned developments and other infrastructure impacts.
  • Regional and national accommodation capacity.

Traffic Forecasting

The core methodology that Skylark uses is a combination of traditional econometric modelling augmented by a scenario-based assessment of future demand. Our approach recognises that there are a number of different paths along which airport development might proceed as a result of developing new markets, changing government policy, tourism development, carrier developments (i.e. Low Cost Carrier entry) and new route development. The forecast methodology also makes use of and is reconciled with established published forecasts by the IATA, Boeing, Airbus, and other industry sources.