Skylark Consulting Group

JFK JetBlue


JFK JetBlue Terminals Due Diligence

The Skylark team developed the business plan for the redevelopment of the Terminal 6 and 7 sites at John F. Kennedy International Airport in New York.  The consultants provided advise on traffic development, commercial development, operating expenses, and maintenance capital expenditures over the life of the project.  Specific tasks included:

  • Identification and qualification of target airlines to be housed in the terminal;
  • Development of bid strategy;
  • Commercial and retail development in the terminal that was consistent with the needs and desires of the passengers of JetBlue and other target airlines;
  • Estimation of operating and capital expenditures based on experience at other terminals at JFK as well as the customer service levels desired by JetBlue and other target airlines, and the efficiency of the proposed facility.

Photo by Doug Letterman / CC BY