Skylark Consulting Group

Business Planning

Business Planning


The Skylark team brings international best practice to all elements of the business plan diligence and review, including commercial development.

Aeronautical Revenues

Aeronautical revenues include landing fees, terminal charges, parking fees and other charges to airlines for use of facilities and services. In general, these revenues are a function of activity at the airport. Increased throughput drives aeronautical revenues in a direct manner, subject to the regulatory framework and contract.

Non-Aeronautical Revenues

Skylark provides analysis and strategic recommendations for clients seeking to maximise commercial revenue and develop “non-aeronautical” airport businesses. Our team provides a holistic solution, by understanding the current situation, comparing it with similar airports, defining the client’s vision and developing non-aeronautical revenue forecasts, aligned with current and future infrastructure developments.

Operating Expenses

Skylark is experienced at analysing the cost structures of existing airport operations. Skylark's analysis of the staff and operating costs at airports across the globe provides a comprehensive data set on which to base future forecasts of costs and the organisational structure appropriate for the current and future business.